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You Get All This: 2 Stretch Genie Bottles, 4 Stretch Genie Expanders, and 2 FREE Gel Pads Stretch Genie Works On The: Toe Box, Heel, Insole and Gloves

Say goodbye to the pain of improper fitting shoes and welcome the newfound comfort that only stretch genie can provide

Effective on men's, women's & children's shoes including: Sandals, High Heels, Work Shoes, Dress Shoes, Boots & Day Hikers, Tight Gloves & Wallets 

Stretch Genie Formula

Stretch Genie Product Image
  • Penetrates into leather quickly
  • Relaxes and softens leather fibers
  • Clear solution means no discoloration
WORKS WITH MANY SHOE TYPES INCLUDING LEATHER, SUEDE AND NATURAL SKIN Picture showing woman spraying insole of red shoe
Stretch Genie Expander inside a black leather shoe

Stretch Genie Expander - Headline

Shoe Width Expander - Product Image
  • Adjustable knobs gently expand shoe width
  • Compact design can reach tight fitting areas
  • Contoured knobs take the shape of your foot
Increase Your Shoe Size from Size A to D Increase Your Shoe Size from Size B to D Increase Your Shoe Size from Size C to D
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You will receive one 4 ounce bottle of our STRETCH GENIE™ Solution and 2 Expanders for just $9.99 and $6.95 processing and handling. If you order today we will DOUBLE this incredible offer so you will receive two 4 ounce bottles of the Stretch Genie Solution and 4 Expanders, just pay separate processing and handling. And that's not all! As a special 'Thank You' for your order today receive a FREE pair of Heel Pads. By clicking the "PROCESS ORDER" button above, you will be placing a live order. Each offer ordered today totals to $23.89.

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